S&G Cotton Australia Pty Ltd forms part of the wider S&G Group of companies. The group was opened in 2002 by its principles Yixiong (Gordon) Wu, Southern China’s largest cotton apparel manufacturer & HaoMing (Sam) Guan. A Sydney based businessman wait a bold plan to form a trading company to augment their existing textile operations.

The company was established to take advantage of Mr,Wu’s standing in the local Chines textile business as an extremely significant yarn buyer to feed his apparel operations. Mr.Wu realized that to guarantee quality of the yarn he was purchasing, he needed to take a more active role in the acquisition of  raw cotton, his customers, the Chinese spinning mills, were procuring. Chinese mills were becoming more reliant on imported cotton and it was quickly realised they would benefit from having a Chinese based purchasing option at their disposal, with the capacity to source cotton globally.

By 2011/2012 S&G had become the 3rd largest importer of USA cotton into China. They have also been purchasing Australian cotton directly from growers since inception.

In 2012 the owners decided to increase their focus on the Australian crop, due to its superior quality and quicker; more efficient logistic chain. As part of this growth phase, S&G have recently appointed the RAIN Group as the purchasing agents to expand their existing operations and is currently investigating further investment opportunities to complement its marketing strategy.